Origami Animals in the Wild: Paper Pack Plus 64-Page Book


Origami Animals in the Wild: Paper Pack Plus 64-Page Book

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Make your own animal origami models with this book and printed papers.

Explore the best nature has to offer, with 250 sheets of specially designed printed paper and a 64-page instruction book that guides you step by step through 15 wonderful animal paper projects, from a cheeky monkey to a sneaky snake and even a lovely lion. These friendly animals can be used as lovely gifts to give to friends or as delightful decorations to leave throughout the house! Origami is also known to help encourage connectedness, awareness and improved physical and emotional health. Not only that, the feelings of joy and satisfaction gained from completing a model will bring inner peace and balance, and what could be better to bring those emotions in than a little animal friend?

Author: Ono, Mari
Publication date: 14/09/2021
Imprint: CICO
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Ono, Mari
ISBN: 9781800650596

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Dimensions 150 × 150 mm


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