One Mile and Two Days Before Sunset (v1 The Lost Detective Trilogy)

Adaf, Shimon


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Author: Adaf, Shimon
Publication date: 02/08/2022
Imprint: Farrar Strauss & Giroux US
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780374227036
Series: The Lost Detective Trilogy

At age thirty, Elish Ben Zaken has found himself in a life he never imagined. As a university student, Elish was an esteemed rock-music critic for local newspapers; now, disenchanted with an increasingly commercialized music scene, he has joined a private investigation agency where he is content to be a \”clerk of small human sins\”-a finder of stolen cars and wayward husbands. But when a disconcertingly amiable detective asks him to look into the suicide of an infamous philosophy professor-and the police file contains unexpected information about the already-solved murder of Dalia Shushan, a celebrated singer and songwriter-Elish’s natural curiosity is piqued. And when violence begins to dog the steps of his investigation, he knows that dangerous secrets are at hand. Haunted by the ghost of Dalia, a true artist with a transformative voice whose dark brilliance Elish was one of the first to recognize, he must face the long-buried trauma of his own past in order to unravel the intertwining threads of two lives, and their ends.

In Elish, Shimon Adaf has created an unforgettable protagonist. A former philosophy student with a questing mind, born to Moroccan parents and raised in an outlying town, he is an eternal outsider in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv. Equally, One Mile and Two Days Before Sunset is a detective novel unlike any other: an incisive portrait of a man and a city, and a meditation on disappointment, on striving for beauty and for intensity of experience, and on the futile desire to truly know another person.

ISBN: 9780374227036