Once in a Lifetime: City-Building After Disaster in Christchurch


Once in a Lifetime: City-Building After Disaster in Christchurch

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Christchurch faces the unprecedented situation of having to rebuild its entire central city in a First World economy in the twenty-first century. Disasters fundamentally disturb the normal rules we live by - in the heady and overwhelming mix of uncertainty, opportunities, creativity, divergent opinions and priorities that follows, how do we know if the right decisions are being made and what could we do better? Once in a Lifetime presents a range of national and international perspectives on city-building and the multiple facets of disaster recovery. Featuring photo and written essays from journalists, citizens, politicians, students, planners, academics, publicans, artists, economists, designers and more, Once in Lifetime offers the first substantial critique and reimagining of the Government's Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, identifies what is falling through and growing in the cracks, and presents a range of alternative approaches. Featuring 55 written essays and 39 visual essays. With foreword by Helen Clark and contributions from Kevin McCloud, Rebecca Macfie, Dr Stuart Candy, Raf Manji and many more!

Author: Bennett, Barnaby et al (eds)
Publication date: 31/08/2014
Imprint: Freerange Press