Needlepainted Plants and Pollinators: An Insect Lover’s Guide to Silk Shading Embroidery


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Exquisitely detailed and worked in silk floss thread with tiny size 12 needles, Victoria Matthewson's embroideries are a masterclass in thread painting, and shine with vibrant colour and life.

Many people think of bees as being the only pollinators but, in fact, a wide variety of insects help with the pollination of plants, including butterflies, moths, wasps and beetles - all of which make wonderful subjects for embroidery. Starting with key stitches and techniques, this inspiring and practical book contains nine step-by-step embroidery projects. Choose from nine key plant and pollinator combinations including the dogrose and greenbottle fly, ox-eye daisy and hoverfly, and fennel and seven-spot ladybird. Each stunning project contains fascinating entomological insights about each pollinator and its plant, verified by the experts at the charity Buglife. With a foreword written by TV naturalist Iolo Williams, and a comprehensive design and stitch guide, this gorgeous and informative book will inspire you to observe and capture the beauty of these vital ecosystems.

The book will suit people with some previous embroidery knowledge, or ambitious beginners.

Author: Matthewson, Victoria
Publication date: 31/10/2021
Imprint: Search Press UK
Pages: 144
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781782218609

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