Millie Marotta’s Secrets of the Sea


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Author: Marotta, Millie
Publication date: 16/09/2021
Imprint: Batsford/Anova UK
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Marotta, Millie
ISBN: 9781849947107
Series: Millie Marotta

Sail away on an ocean odyssey with best-selling illustrator Millie Marotta. She takes to you on a voyage of discovery from the Arctic waters to the balmy Australian coast. Swim with dolphins, narwhals, manatees, and manta ray. Look up to the cries of albatrosses, pelicans and little auks. Grab your pencils and bring to life jellyfish, puffins and polar bears.

The watery world is particularly close to Millie's heart and she brings her passion to these intricate drawings of shells, pebbles, corals and barnacles. She includes cliffs, reefs, waves and islands to help set the scene. This is a must for all colouring fans and particularly the thousands of Millie fans who love her patterned illustration style that allows for the most creative of colouring.

Colouring Millie's beautiful illustrations is the perfect mindful activity for these troubling times, and new and old Millie fans will find so much to enjoy (and learn) about the animal kingdom of the seas. Millie shares her love for the world above and below our seas and hopes this book will spur us to protect a true wonder of our world.

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