Mastering Child Portrait Photography: A Definitive Guide for Photographers


Mastering Child Portrait Photography: A Definitive Guide for Photographers

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Photographing children is not easy. They move around, they look the wrong way, and, as any parent will tell you, they never do what you want them to do when you want them to do it! It is this unpredictability that makes child portraiture the fascinating challenge that it is. Mastering Child Portrait Photography contains everything you need to master the art. It describes and demonstrates all the requisite skills: from choosing the best kit and mastering the essential techniques; through using the most effective lighting, setting, and props to achieve your desired atmosphere and effect; to learning the secrets of working harmoniously and professionally with models of all ages, and using the best post-production techniques to get the most from your prints. For the keen enthusiast, this is an accessible guide to capturing images of your children that will last a lifetime. For the aspiring professional, it is a complete handbook for a wonderful lifestyle business, one in which you can create mini masterpieces that will enhance family homes and bring pleasure to lives for generations.

Author: Bradbury, Richard
Publication date: 01/06/2019
Imprint: Ammonite Books
Pages: 176

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