Magic Beans: The Untold Story – An essential guide for anyone who is starting up or running a business


Magic Beans: The Untold Story – An essential guide for anyone who is starting up or running a business

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'Magic Beans-The Untold Story' takes you on a journey alongside young Jack as the very wealth and wise old man teaches him the twelve magic beans of business success. These magic beans will enable Jack to climb up from his bankrupt position and walk amongst the giants of industry. From there he can get back the passive income business (the goose that lays golden eggs) that was stolen from his father-i.e., he will be able to rebuild his family's failed business, but this time secure its future by building it upon the right foundations.

It is written in a narrative style where the reader is transported into an old-world setting beneath an ancient oak tree growing beside a bustling country market. The old man uses everyday scenes from this environment to teach Jack invaluable lessons on business success: from children laughing and playing in the road to carts ladened with packages rumbling past them; a small bird visiting them as they sit under the old oak tree to a tax collector going from stall to stall collecting taxes.

We see these lessons through Jack's eyes: from his initial fears and doubts to his breakthrough revelations and growing understanding. In the process our understanding grows alongside Jack's and our beliefs are transformed forever as we learn how to build a truly successful business.

Take a journey with Jack as he is taught the twelve magic Beans by the wise old man...

He then offered Jack a trade: the cow for some magic beans. He explained that these magic beans would give Jack the knowledge and understanding he needed to become as rich as him. He said, \"Boy, I can show you how to take this fine piece to the market and get back the business the large factory took from your family-and so much more. In fact, someday you will become so rich that you will never have to work again. Just like me, you can sit under this lovely old tree and enjoy the hum of the market making you money without even having to step a foot inside it.\"

What people are saying about the book:
\"I have to tell you, I found your book to be a fantastic and really interesting read. I studied marketing at university and have worked in the industry for a few years, though you have some brilliant philosophy in this book that really changed my mind and approaches to some things. You've inspired me to make a push with some of my business ideas, so I thank you for allowing me to contribute to this project.\" ~ Matthew Fulton

\"Every chapter is an epiphany.\" ~ Jeffrey Laurente

\"How to own the world with practical examples and case studies.\" ~ Monte Nighswonger

\"I feel like I am sitting with Terrence and getting personally taught by him.\" ~ Facundo Villagra

\"Don't start a business without first reading this.\" ~ Tomas Porta

Author: Bull, Terrence
Publication date: 16/08/2021
Imprint: Small New Zealand Publisher
Pages: 128

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