Luna and the Treasure of Tlaloc (v5 Brownstone’s Mythical Collection)

Todd-Stanton, Joe


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1 in stock

Buried amongst the treasures in Professor Brownstone’s vaults, lie a humble collection of books. Filled with legendary stories from his ancestors, they tell of fearless fighters and unlikely heroes.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 64
Imprint: Flying Eye Books
Publication date: 01/06/2023
Illustrator: Todd-Stanton, Joe
Series: Brownstone’s Mythical Collection

Staff review

Luna and the Treasure of Tlaloc
by Joe Todd-Stanton
Review by Alex

Luna, unlike her famous heroic relatives, is an anti-hero out for herself. When she teams up with Atzi for an epic Aztec adventure, she learns the value of friendship and co-operation. This mythical, fantastically illustrated graphic is perfect for readers aged 8+. Also a great read-aloud!