Lucky Luke v1 Billy the Kid

Goscinny, Rene


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This book presents the adventures of the world’s greatest cowboy. The comic strip character who can shoot faster than his own shadow, Lucky Luke is a one-hundred-percent real hero of the Old West. He is squarely on the side of the law and dedicates his life to seeing that justice is done. He travels around delivering it wherever he goes, accompanied by his faithful companion, Jolly Jumper. Arriving at Fort Weakling, he changes into a formidable bandit. Why? Does his meeting with Billy the Kid, a living legend of the Old West, influence him? The character of Lucky Luke became a myth thanks to Morris (his creator) and Goscinny. These two giants of the 9th art collaborated with passion for more than 20 years until the death of the famous scriptwriter. Goscinny is the author of the well-known \”Asterix\”, which he launched with Uderzo. He also co-authored \”Iznogoud\” with Tabary. In 1992, Morris received the \”Grand Prix Special 20eme Anniversaire\” from the international comics show at Angouleme, and in 1998, the French Minister of Culture decorated him with the rank of \”Officier des Arts et des Lettres\”.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 46
Publication date: 13/07/2006
Illustrator: “Morris”
Series: Lucky Luke Adventure S.

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