Love the Foods That Love You Back: Clean, Healthy, Vegan Recipes for Everyone

Katin-Grazzini, Cathy


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1 in stock

Author: Katin-Grazzini, Cathy
Publication date: 05/04/2022
Imprint: Welcome Enterprises US
Pages: 256
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781599621647

There is a better way to protect our health, the planet, and the creatures that share our world – one that is inspiring and delicious. This cookbook guides cooks through the delicious, nourishing power of plant-based foods to deliver fresh, flavourful meals, promote health, and reduce inflammation across 85 recipes without oil, salt, meat, dairy, or fat. The wisdom of nature is remarkable: when we eat the unrefined plant foods that heal, the body recovers, regardless of the shape we are in when we begin. Plants provide all the nutrients we require to repair and sustain the gut microbiome, to quell systemic inflammation, and neutralise free-radical damage – all root causes of chronic illness. Gorgeously rendered and uniquely flavourful, Love the Foods That Love You Back presents a sustainable path forward to meet today’s daunting health, environmental, and ethical challenges.

ISBN: 9781599621647