Lost Words: Card game


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Author: Hyde, Robert
Publication date: 10/06/2021
Imprint: Thames & Kosmos
Format: Card Pack
ISBN: 9781912916443

The Lost Words book was based on the realization that certain words in the Oxford Children's Dictionary, for example \"Kingfisher\", \"Conker\" and \"Otter\" had been omitted because the editors no longer felt them to be in common usage. Robert Macfarlane, the internationally renowned author of \"The Old Ways\", \"Underland\" and \"Landmarks\" teamed up with the extraordinary artist Jackie Morris to write 'spells' (poems) and paint pictures of these birds, animals and inhabitants of the natural world, to celebrate their existence. The card game involves marrying up these spells with their counterparts in nature, and using special cards to help one's own efforts and hinder your opponents. It's interactive fun for all the family and comes to the USA for the first time in the midst of a big success in the UK where the game is already in its 4th printing


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