Livestock Production in New Zealand: The complete guide to dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, deer, goats, pigs and poultry


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THE LIFESTYLE-BLOCK OWNER AND FARMERS' GO-TO REFERENCE BOOKWhether you run dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, deer, goats, pigs or poultry,advice that reflects farming practice in New Zealand is indispensable. This book, written by experts from both Massey University's Institute of Veterinary,Animal and Biomedical Sciences and academics at Lincoln University, is of value and interest to everyone from students and farmers to those involved in the agribusiness, resource management, nutrition, food technology and ecology sectors. The emphasis is on the grass-fed reality of beef, sheep and deer, with significant discussion of the different systems of dairy cow production. Social issues, animal welfare, food safety, drug residues and environmental cost are also covered.S ALES POINTS* Expert advice from leading animal scientists and veterinarians at Massey and Lincoln universities* Easy to follow and jargon-free* Currently no other similar book in the market* A lot of information available on livestock production in New Zealand is on industry websites or in the scientific literature and much is material from outside the country, usually from the USA, and does not reflect farming practice in New Zealand. This book addresses that situation.

Contents: 8 Introduction Kevin Stafford 12 1. Dairy Production Penny Back 14 Introduction 18 Glossary 19 A brief history of the dairy industry 21 Production systems in the dairy industry 28 The 'average' New Zealand dairy farm 30 Calendar of dairy farming operations 38 Dairy operating structures 39 Feeding 42 Body condition score 43 Breeding and genetics 48 Animal health 50 Environmental considerations 53 Animal welfare 53 Conclusion 56 2. Beef Cattle Production Steve Morris 58 Introduction 60 The New Zealand beef industry 62 A brief history of beef production 70 Calendar of beef farming operations 72 Genetic improvement 74 Nutrition 75 Beef finishing systems 76 Disease 80 Environmental considerations 81 Animal welfare 82 Conclusion 84 3. Sheep Production Lydia Cranston, Anne Ridler, Andy Greer and Paul Kenyon 86 Introduction 88 The New Zealand sheep industry 90 Glossary 92 A brief history of sheep production 98 Calendar of sheep farming operations 106 South Island high-country farms 107 Shearing 110 Nutrition 114 Seasonal feed demand 116 Feed sources 119 Disease 121 Environmental considerations 122 Animal welfare 124 4. Deer Production Kate Griffiths 126 Introduction 128 Handling of deer 130 Glossary 131 Deer production 134 Calendar of deer farming operations 138 Nutrition 140 Breeding and genetics 141 Animal welfare 142 Disease 145 Conclusion 146 5. Goat Production Colin Prosser and Kevin Stafford 148 Introduction 149 Dairy goats 150 A brief history of goat production 151 Milk production 153 Farm systems 153 Carbon footprints 154 Breeding 155 Feeding 155 Mohair and cashmere production 159 Calendar of Angora goat farming operations 160 Meat production 162 Weed control 164 Animal welfare 165 Animal health 168 Conclusion 170 6. Pig production Patrick C.H. Morel 172 Introduction 175 Glossary 175 The New Zealand pork industry 180 Production systems 182 Housing systems 186 Waste management 188 Genetics 194 Reproduction 196 Nutrition 204 Pork quality 210 Animal welfare 211 Disease 214 7. Poultry Production Velmurugu Ravindran 216 Introduction 218 Glossary 220 A brief history of the poultry industry 223 Chicken meat production 233 Turkey and duck meat production 233 Table egg production 235 Management of layers 246 Waste management 247 Environmental considerations 250 8. Horse Production Chris Rogers, Erica Gee and Charlotte Bolwell 252 Introduction 254 A brief history of the horse industry 259 Pasture-based production system 260 Growth and development 262 Racing and sport 266 Breeding 271 Feral horses 272 Disease 273 Animal welfare 280 9. Working Farm Dogs Naomi Cogger and Helen Sheard 282 Introduction 283 Types of working farm dog 284 Dog work 287 Housing 288 Nutrition 291 Animal welfare 292 Animal health 296 Conclusion 298 Acknowledgements 298 Image credits 299 About the contributors

Author: Stafford, Kevin (ed)
Publication date: 02/02/2017
Imprint: Massey University Press


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