Light Keeping

Jansen, Adrienne


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The year is 1977 and a shocking accident sees Robert and Jess suddenly orphaned. Finding refuge with their lighthouse keeper grandparents, they begin to navigate their loss and rebuild their lives. But how secure can this new home be, with the threat of lighthouse automation and closures looming?
As adults, Jess and Robert must deal with the fallout of the tragic events of their childhood, disconnected from each other and the home that once sheltered them. Buffeted by the storms of life, they find themselves inescapably drawn back towards the world of the sea.
Light Keeping is a subtle and immersive novel drawing on the richness of family stories and their role in defining and connecting us. Set in the late-seventies and contemporary New Zealand, the book follows parallel storylines, evoking fascinating details of lighthouse life and reflecting on the relentless social change brought by new technology.
Ultimately, this is a story of hope and reconnection – of finding, and keeping, light.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 220
Imprint: Quentin Wilson Publishing
Publication date: 02/10/2023

ISBN: 9781991103208 Category: