Life Electric: A Story of Nikola Tesla


Life Electric: A Story of Nikola Tesla

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A lyrical biography of the eccentric engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla

In the middle of a storm, as lightning flashed, a special boy was born. Nikola Tesla was destined to electrify and change the world forever. Before Tesla designed modern electricity, he was a young boy in Serbia from humble beginnings who loved animals almost as much as inventions.

Tesla later experimented with X-rays, radar, remote controls, wireless communications, and the Tesla coil, and obtained over three hundred patents. His love of animals remained a constant in his life, and he became known as the \"Pigeon Charmer of New York\" for the care he devoted to nature's original wireless messengers. From his work with Thomas Edison to his illumination of the 1893 World's Fair, A Life Electric reveals the brilliant legacy of Nikola Tesla unlike ever before.

Azadeh Westergaard's stirring, lyrical debut brings compassion and humanity to the eccentric man who changed science and engineering forever. And esteemed illustrator Jolia Sard deftly brings the \"Wizard of Electricity\" to life.

Author: Westergaard, Azadeh
Publication date: 27/07/2021
Imprint: Viking Juvenile
Pages: 40

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