Left-Handed Twin

Perry, Thomas


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Rescue artist Jane Whitefield leads a deadly crime syndicate on a frantic chase with only one winner in this gripping thriller.
Jane Whitefield helps people disappear.
Fleeing desperate situations, Jane’s clients come to her for new identities, new lives where they won’t be found. And when people need Jane’s services, they come to the old house in rural New York where she was raised.It’s there Jane finds Sara, a young woman in serious trouble. Sara’s boyfriend found out she had a lover, then made Sara watch as he murdered the man. Acquitted despite Sara’s testimony, now he’s trying to find her and kill her.

Jane can easily outsmart the boyfriend, but he has new friends: a Russian organized crime brotherhood. On learning Sara is with a tall, dark-haired woman who disappears people, the Russians become incredibly interested. They believe Jane’s knowledge of past clients could be worth millions.

So begins a bloodthirsty chase through the northeastern US, ending up in Maine’s Hundred Mile Wilderness. Only one thing is certain: just one party – Jane or her pursuers – will emerge alive.
Praise for The Left-Handed Twin:
‘Another stunner from a modern master’ Booklist
‘A brooding, peripatetic stunner’ Crimereads
‘Perry is the best suspense writer in the business’ Boston Globe

Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Imprint: Head of Zeus UK
Publication date: 11/05/2023

ISBN: 9781803284897 Category: