Land Gardeners: Cut Flowers

Elworthy, Bridget/ Courtauld, Henrietta


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Author: Elworthy, Bridget/ Courtauld, Henrietta
Publication date: 26/05/2022
Imprint: Thames and Hudson (Australia) Pty L
Pages: 256
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781760761738

The Land Gardeners show you how to establish organic garden beds and sow, grow and harvest over 100 varieties of cut flowers.

'With their instinctive flair, Elworthy and Courtauld established cutting gardens that bring the deep poetry of organic flowers to their enthusiastic customers.'
Patrick Kinmonth For American Vogue

In this visual diary of life in the garden, The Land Gardeners share their beliefs on the importance of soil health, introduce you to their favourite blooms and inspire you to create your own cutting garden with expert knowledge on how to grow and what to gather by season.

Based in the original walled garden at Wardington Manor, The Land Gardeners have revived the tradition of working with the land to produce abundant, seasonal flowers for clients' use in decoration, design and events. But for all the frivolous bucolic beauty of the flowers, it is the productivity and health of the soil that truly underpins The Land Gardeners' philosophy. The book explores lively soil, the joy (and, arguably, necessity) of gathering from our gardens, and the imperative that we care for our soils and live among healthy, vital gardens.

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