Knight Blooms Behind Castle Walls v1

Yuduka, Masanari


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1 in stock

Author: Yuduka, Masanari
Publication date: 10/01/2023
Imprint: Seven Seas US
Pages: 162
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Yuduka, Masanari
ISBN: 9781638589563
Series: The Knight Blooms Behind Castle Walls

In this beautifully illustrated slice-of-life fantasy, a young girl sets out to become a valiant knight by first serving as a squire.

Rosa dreams of taking up arms as a courageous knight! To be one, she must first be a squire. Those duties around the castle are much less glorious. One moment she’s caring for the horses in the stable. Next she’s battling the task of chopping firewood or conquering a mountain of laundry. She must be ever-ready to assist the knight she serves! Her role may seem small and the tasks mundane, but each is an important step to becoming a knight. Rosa will face every challenge with the heart of a hero!

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