James Allen’s the Path to Prosperity

Allen, James


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There is a path to permanent prosperity and peace, free from worry and fear! And the best news is, you already have the tools at your disposal to access the true riches that await you. If you will commit to improving your inner life, you can create the outward life that you want.

In The Path to Prosperity, James Allen, author of the bestselling personal development classic As a Man Thinketh, reveals the source of true and lasting prosperity–and the reasons why so many individuals who are chasing success are instead meeting with failure and misery. Most people are seeking self-serving ends–money, power, influence, importance–but by grasping for \”more\” they are left empty and dissatisfied. This book is for those who sense that real success is not a number or a title; it is a mental state.

As you build your destiny, you will discover:

How to remove the destructive forces in your life through the power of thought
Your ability to attract positive people and circumstances into your life
How to overcome negative thinking and cultivate calmness and tranquility
Why desire is actually holding you back from success
How to obtain prosperity through service and good stewardship

This modernized version of The Path to Prosperity provides easily digestible lessons, followed by topics for further reflection and discussion questions that will help you individually or collectively work through life’s biggest questions in a practical, energizing way. When you have gained the understanding that comes from learning and applying these lessons, you will be in a position to create your own life–your own circumstances. You will be able to change evil into good and write, with a master hand, the story of your destiny.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
Imprint: Small US Publisher
Publication date: 19/04/2022

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