It’s Just Not My Night! – Tale of a Fallen Vampire Queen v2



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Author: Muchimaro
Publication date: 18/10/2022
Imprint: Seven Seas US
Pages: 200
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781638586784
Series: It’s Just Not My Night! – Tale of a Fallen Vampire Queen

Once, Manamir was the Queen of the Night, a legendary vampiress – but now she’s stuck on Earth, working as a convenience store clerk. She’s been doing her best to get her powers back, but despite her boundless confidence, things just never seem to go Manamir’s way. Even worse, somehow she’s wound up neck-deep in debt to the mob! When one of her loyal minions appears on Earth, is it the lucky break she’s been waiting for, or a whole new kind of otherworldly trouble?

Series Overview: Powerful vampiress Manamir is on the verge of world conquest, but when a teleportation spell goes awry, she finds herself stranded on Earth. Not only has she been flung into a world that’s not her own, she has lost the very power that defines a vampire: the ability to drink human blood! Manamir has to make ends meet somehow, and she’s about to discover that it’s a hard world out there for a single working woman in this raunchy supernatural comedy!

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