Hydrogen Revolution: A blueprint for the future of clean energy

Alvera, Marco


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Author: Alvera, Marco
Publication date: 26/08/2021
Imprint: Hodder and Stoughton UK
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781529360288

Picture this: It's 2050. The looming shadow of climate change has finally been banished. The planet is stabilised. Rainforests and coral reefs are thriving. We are finally at equilibrium.

This isn't wishful thinking; it can be our reality. We just need to embrace the missing link between us and truly clean energy: Hydrogen.

The beauty of hydrogen is its simplicity. It's simple to make, and simple to use. And once you have it, you can do almost anything with it: store it, transport it, pipe it, even burn it. You can use existing infrastructure to move hydrogen around the world, essentially bottling sunlight from renewable energy sources. The best part about hydrogen is that when you burn it, the only by-product is water.

That may sound too good to be true, but as energy expert Marco Alvera explains, if we're going to heal the climate, we need to start thinking big. This book is the blueprint for how to get us there. This is not just another climate change book. This is a guidebook for how to save the world and whether you are a policy maker, a business person, an activist, or simply curious, the message is this: there is hope, for us and our planet.

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