How to Build a Puppy… Into a Healthy Adult Dog

Robertson, Julia


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Author: Robertson, Julia
Publication date: 08/06/2022
Imprint: CRC Press (Taylor & Francis) USA
Pages: 262
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781032215204

Fills a gap in the market for a book that advises on the physical side of developing and maintaining a healthy puppy, as well as a rehomed older dog. There’s lots on behavioural training, but nothing on this essential element. Dog behaviour consultants, instructors and dog owners are crying out for this information. For instance, people frequently ask ‘how much exercise should I give my puppy?’ and this book not only answers that but shows that there are other better ways to exercise a dog than walking in a straight line.
Without knowledge of dog anatomy and physiology, people can exercise their dogs in ways that (and create environments that) have negative and long-lasting impacts on canine health.
Useful and applicable for professionals and owners no matter what behavioural training technique they use.
Useful for veterinarians and other people working in healthcare with dogs because it gives in-depth description of functional anatomy and the overall musculoskeletal system, as well as practical information and illustrations that can be recommended to their clients, making that part of their job easier.
Internationally applicable.
In most books, the point of focus is the human, but the focal point of this book is the puppy. What does living with humans mean to him? This is refreshing and needed.
Julia’s accessible, light-hearted writing style makes the more challenging technical aspects easy to comprehend. The many colour illustrations are a great help in understanding the text and link explicitly to everyday experience.
Julia Robertson is the expert in this field: her book is based on novel theory and many years of experience.
Should be standard reading for all dog owners, dog instructors, dog behaviour consultants, dog shelters, veterinarians students, veterinarians, and all other education’s and organisations that have to do with dogs in our society.

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