Homegrown Kitchen: Everyday recipes for eating well


Homegrown Kitchen: Everyday recipes for eating well

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Homegrown Kitchen is a complete guide to eating well for those who love to cook fresh food. Beginning with a comprehensive section on the kitchen essentials, including sourdough bread, home preserving and fermentation, the book is then divided into breakfast, lunch and main meal chapters, followed by a chapter on indulgent sweet treats. Inspired by her large garden, Nicola Galloway creates food in rhythm with the changing seasons, with fresh homegrown and local produce forming the base of her recipes. With a young family, her food focus is on simple and delicious family-friendly recipes using pantry staples that are packed with nutrients. Nicola also has a particular interest in healthful traditional cooking techniques, such as sourdough bread and fermentation, and simplifying them so they can fit into our busy modern lives.

Author: Galloway, Nicola
Publication date: 17/04/2017
Imprint: Potton and Burton
Pages: 304
Format: Hardback
Illustrator: Galloway, Nicola
ISBN: 9780947503291

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