Hidden Strengths: Nurturing the talents, skills and interests of your autistic child

Koegel, Lynn


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A groundbreaking, long overdue book that explains how to identify your autistic child’s strengths and abilities and then use them as a tool for social communication, improved learning, and overall growth.

The strengths of children and young adults diagnosed with ASD are commonly overlooked, even by trained professionals. Outdated attitudes, lack of sufficient training and an overreliance on standardised testing works against recognising their capabilities.

Focusing on the importance of motivation strategies, Hidden Strengths shows you how to build on every autistic child’s interests and strengths. Through real-life stories of individuals whose innate abilities blossomed once they were acknowledged, this book dispels unhelpful stereotypes and will help you unlock your child’s potential. It also aims to educate the wider community in how to support, accept and embrace the gifts autistic individuals offer.

‘Will help both parents and teachers find and develop a child’s unique skills in memory, music, math, art, and attention to details. Development of these skills can lead to both a more rewarding life and possible careers’ Temple Grandin, PhD, New York Times bestselling author

Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Imprint: Quercus UK
Publication date: 26/09/2023

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