Haldon: Iconic Station Of The Mackenzie

Hobbs, Mary


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2 in stock

HALDON is an outstanding book that will fast become a New Zealand classic.

Each of the eleven chapters focus on the personal, inspirational stories of the main owners (and one manager) of Haldon Station since it was first taken up in 1857.

These are the stories of a nation — our stories, that are in danger of being lost, unless there are books like Haldon being written, purchased, and passed on.

Written in the distinctive, engaging style we have come to know and enjoy from established and award-winning author Mary Hobbs, each of the eleven chapters draw the reader into the stories from times past. Set out with the pioneers and discover the mighty challenges they faced, and journey through the generations up to the present owners of today who share some of their courageous and inspirational life story.

Meticulous research by the author revealed precious old journals and photos of the earliest owners and brings the rich history of Haldon to life in an impressive format with full colour or historic photos on almost every page.

Stunning contemporary photography, mostly by the author, combined with rare, historic photos and captivating stories, make this a book New Zealanders will be proud to own.

This book has been made possible by the current owners of 30 years, Han and Jenny Klisser, who generously commissioned the book to ensure the history of the station was not forgotten.

Published in January 2022. Format: 241 pages, full colour, hardback. $69.99.

Format: Hardback
Imprint: David Bateman
Publication date: 01/02/2022