Hag: Forgotten Folktales Retold


Hag: Forgotten Folktales Retold

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Here are sisters fighting for the love of the same woman, a pregnant archaeologist unearthing impossible bones and lost children following you home. A panther runs through the forests of England and pixies prey upon violent men. From the islands of Scotland to the coast of Cornwall, the mountains of Galway to the depths of the Fens, these forgotten folktales howl, cackle and sing their way into the 21st century, wildly reimagined by some of the most exciting women writing in Britain and Ireland today. 'A thoroughly original package that has a hint of Angela Carter' The Times 'Sharp writing and cleverly done' Spectator

Author: Johnson, Daisy et al
Publication date: 12/01/2021
Imprint: Virago UK
Pages: 304

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Dimensions 222 × 138 mm