Green Thumb


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Author: Miller-Randle, Craig
Publication date: 23/11/2021
Imprint: Plum/Macmau
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760986469

No one is born with a green thumb ... but anyone can grow one! Renowned indoor 'plantspert' Craig Miller-Randle takes you through the basics of helping indoor plants to thrive. Green Thumb is filled with advice that Craig has distilled in his 40+ years of experience. Whether it's choosing the right pot, propagating, watering or getting rid of pests, Craig has all the info you'll need. There are also photographic step-by-step projects, an A-Z guide to the care of indoor plants and loads of styling inspiration.

Maybe you're at the beginning of your love affair with plants, perhaps you're already a collector of rare species or have a home full of plant pets ... whatever stage you are at, Green Thumb will help you select, care for and propagate plants with ease to grow your own lush indoor jungle.

Chapters include:
* A-Z of indoor plants
* Soil, pots and repotting
* Light and location
* Watering and fertilising
* Pests and diseases
* Styling and designing
* Propagating

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