Great Circle

Shipstead, Maggie


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A soaring, breathtakingly ambitious novel that weaves together the astonishing lives of a 1950s vanished female aviator and the modern-day Hollywood actress who plays her on screen.


From the night she is rescued as a baby out of the flames of a sinking ship; to the day she joins a pair of daredevil pilots looping and diving over the rugged forests of her childhood, to the thrill of flying Spitfires during the war, the life of Marian Graves has always been marked by a lust for freedom and danger.

In 1950, she embarks on the great circle flight, circumnavigating the globe. It is Marian’s life dream and her final journey, before she disappears without a trace.

Half a century later, Hadley Baxter, a scandal-ridden Hollywood actress whose own parents perished in a plane crash is irresistibly drawn to play Marian Graves, a role that will lead her to probe the true mystery behind the vanished pilot.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 688
Imprint: Penguin
Publication date: 26/05/2022

Staff review

Great Circle

by Maggie Shipstead

Review by Ray

I loved this gorgeous, soaring, epic of a novel that spans a century of history, tragedy and triumph. It follows Marian Graves, an aviator who disappears on the last leg of a daring round-the-world flight in 1950. It also follows Hadley Baxter, the actor chosen to play Marian in 2014. But the scope of this story is far, far wider and deeper than these two characters, and Shipstead meticulously weaves Marian’s story and legacy in with many other fully-realized, complex characters. The result is a book that is both sprawling and tightly wound, full of adventure, despair and delight. At the centre, two women, separated by time and connected by circumstance, carve paths for themselves and their dreams, often at great cost. This stunning saga will transport and surprise you throughout.

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