Good For Nothing

Ansar, Mariam


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GOOD FOR NOTHING is a warmly written YA story that explores grief, small UK towns, police prejudice and the power of friendship. It is the perfect next read for fans of The Hate U Give, And the Stars Were Burning Brightly and the TV show The Outlaws.

When three teens are landed with a community service order after an incident involving a spray can and an inconveniently timed patrol car, their stories start to converge.

Amir is the angry boy who won’t talk about the brother he lost, but won’t let his name be forgotten either.

Eman is the awkward girl whose favourite evenings are spent at home watching soaps with her Nani.

Kemi is the determined athlete who knows she deserves as good a shot as anyone else, if only she can get to the starting line.

As they spend more time together they learn more about themselves, and in the process realise the true cause of Amir’s brother’s death – and the grave role police prejudice played in it. This is one summer they will never forget.

Good for Nothing is a tender, witty and heartfelt coming of age story that redefines small town mentalities and explores the power of friendship and human connection.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 280
Imprint: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 16/03/2023

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