Forbidden Wolf King (v4 The Kings of Avalier)

Stone, Leia


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Book 4 in the Kings of Avalier fantasy romance series: a full-length fantasy romance that also stands alone
Axil Moon broke my heart when I was fifteen and I’ve dreamed of getting revenge ever since. So when he becomes the king of all Wolven and summons me to compete for his hand in marriage in the deadly Queen Trials, I gladly accept. I want nothing more than to defeat the competition and leave him cold and alone when I slam the bedroom door in his face every night. Axil Moon will regret the day he thought he could discard me and get away with it.

But the Axil I expect isn’t the one waiting for me. This grown Axil is different from the teenage boy I loved. This Axil begs me to believe it was never his choice to leave me, and my heart is torn.

Now I have to try and stay alive in order to see what could be between us, but all the while there is an enemy in our midst and war on our border that could overturn the world as I know it, and all I can do is fight to keep that world alive.

The Forbidden Wolf King is book FOUR of FOUR in the Kings of Avalier series. It’s a full-length standalone fantasy romance about the Wolf King Axil Moon.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Imprint: Harlequin UK
Publication date: 03/08/2023
Series: The Kings of Avalier

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