First Enigma Codebreaker: Marian Rejewski who passed the baton to Alan Turing

Gawlowski, Robert


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The history of Enigma is of interest to many researchers and authors on an international scale. The capture and unraveling of the most hidden secret of the army of the Third Reich that was decisive for the fate of one of the greatest armed conflicts in the history of the world appeals to everyone from the avid historian to Hollywood.. So far, other authors’ attention has focused on the technical and cryptological issues of Enigma functioning, the fate of the Bletchley Park facility, or Alan Turing’s story. Most of attention was devoted to the events during the Second World War and it is the time frame of this conflict that usually begins and ends the story of Enigma. The First Enigma Codebreaker raises an issue that has never been discussed in greater detail in both international and Polish literature, the story of Marian Rejewski. This biography answers the questions: in what conditions was the \”Enigma conqueror\” brought up, in what circumstances did he managed to decode the machine, what happened to him during the Second World War and why he never ended up in Bletchley Park, what price he had to pay for his discovery in the communist Poland and what he did to make the world know the true history of Enigma. This is the story of a man who made a revolution in cryptology, about the rivalry between man and machine, about powerful history affecting individual lives, and about the life of Marian Rejewski whose story is still waiting to be presented to the public. AUTHOR: Robert Gawlowski (Ph.D., D. Sc.) has always been inspired by History and non-fiction literature, especially discovering new stories about the people who have had tangible impact on our life and was born in the same city as Marian Rejewski. The First Enigma Codebreaker is Gawlowski’s first biography however he has published extensive scientific research in the field of social sciences as well as journalistic articles. He works as a professor at WSB University in Bydgoszcz, teaching subjects related to public administration and public management. 16 b/w illustrations

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Publication date: 06/03/2023

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