Finding the Mother Tree: Uncovering the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Forest


Finding the Mother Tree: Uncovering the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Forest

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The world-leading scientist of plant communication and intelligence reveals how she discovered the secrets of the forest

No one has done more to transform our understanding of trees than the world-renowned scientist Suzanne Simard. Now she shares the secrets of a lifetime spent uncovering startling truths about trees- their cooperation, healing capacity, memory, wisdom and sentience.

Raised in the forests of British Columbia, Simard was working in the forest service when she first discovered how trees communicate underground through an immense web of fungi, at the centre of which lie the Mother Trees- the mysterious, powerful entities that nurture their kin and sustain the forest.

Though her ground-breaking findings were initially dismissed and even ridiculed, they are now firmly supported by the data. As her remarkable journey shows us, science is not a realm apart from ordinary life, but deeply connected with our humanity.

In Finding the Mother Tree, she reveals how the complex cycle of forest life - on which we rely for our existence - offers profound lessons about resilience and kinship, and must be preserved before it's too late.

Author: Simard, Suzanne
Publication date: 04/05/2021
Imprint: Allen Lane
Pages: 368
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780241389355

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  1. Scorpio Books

    “What I loved about this book is the beautiful balance between Simard’s research and the story of her developing passion for the forest. This is science meets memoir, but the narrative is never weighted down by the information. I was spellbound.
    I loved Richard Powers’ ‘Overstory’, and Suzanne Simard was the inspiration for one of the main characters. My favourite one, in fact!
    Simard’s research is behind everything we know and are still discovering about how trees perceive, respond, connect and converse. She is an incredible mind, and this is an extraordinary book.” Jo @ Scorpio Books

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