Field Guide to Mermaids

Martin, Emily B.


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1 in stock

Author: Martin, Emily B.
Publication date: 27/09/2022
Imprint: Henry Holt & Company
Pages: 144
Format: Hardback
Illustrator: Martin, Emily B.
ISBN: 9781250794321

A magical and lushly illustrated field guide to the mermaids that inhabit our ponds, streams and oceans, based on real ecological details-with a strong environmental focus-perfect for fans of The Magical Unicorn Society series.

A glimmer of fish scales.
A splash from a colorful fin.
The echo of a mysterious song across the water. . .

Few mythical creatures are more instantly recognizable or more mysterious than mermaids. Whether seen perched on a rock at the water’s edge or spied only as a dim outline beneath the waves, mermaids have long fascinated sailors, scientists, storytellers, and surprised onlookers alike.

Now, for the first time, thanks to dedicated research and a hint of magic, comes A Field Guide to Mermaids, introducing the many species of mermaids native to the United States. With an eye toward the preservation of our natural habitats, Emily B. Martin shares the never-before-told stories of the mermaids who share our waters in this enchanting and beautifully illustrated guidebook.

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