Fabulous Paper Flowers: Make 43 Beautiful Asian Flowers – From Irises to Cherry Blossoms to Peonies (with 270 Patterns)

Yamamoto, Emiko


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1 in stock

Author: Yamamoto, Emiko
Publication date: 17/08/2021
Imprint: Tuttle Publishing
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780804854092

Exquisite paper flowers that never wilt!

In this book, Japanese paper crafting expert Emiko Yamamoto reveals her secrets for making realistic blossoms, leaves and stems from inexpensive colored paper sheets. Her simple cut-curl-paste method is perfect for beginners-making it easy to create dozens of lifelike flowers.

Fabulous Paper Flowers features 43 varieties of Asian flowers for every season, including:

Spring: Wild Cherry Blossoms, White Clover, Japanese Primrose, Japanese Marigolds & Fuji Dawn Violets
Summer: Bigleaf Hydrangea, Japanese Iris, Water Lilies, Moutan Peony, Japanese Morning Glory & Evening Primrose
Fall: Cosmos, Japanese Bush Clover, Cranesbill Geraniums, Japanese Maple Leaves & Gingko Leaves
Winter: Heavenly Bamboo, Japanese Camellia, Snow Camellia, Pheasant’s Eye, Japanese Plum & Chinese Sacred Lilies

The finished pieces look great as table settings, wearable brooches, gift toppers, in framed displays, on handmade cards and so much more. Make wedding decor on a budget, decorate for a baby shower, make a dinner party special or surprise a loved one with a handmade gift-with this book, the possibilities are endless!

This complete how-to guide has descriptions of the easy-to-find materials and tools, templates that you can trace and cut out, and step-by-step photos showing you how to curl and crease the pieces, then assemble them with dabs of glue.

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