Empathy Game: Start Conversations with a Throw of the Dice


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Author: Herrmann, Saskia
Publication date: 25/05/2019
Imprint: BIS Publishers B.V.
Pages: 150
Format: Boxed Games
ISBN: 9789063695248

Do you want to go beyond small talk with colleagues, friends, family, or strangers? This is your game to truly connect with people. Imagine a red car, I'll do the same. Now describe it to me. No red car would ever be the same. No thought, or story ever is. We listen. We might smile. We nod. But, do we really understand each other? The human mind predicts and assumes to make sense of the world, and to understand people. There's often more to discover than we
assume to know.

The Empathy Game connects the dots. It engages people to share, listen, and engage with stories beyond their own frame of reference. There's more to discover and learn. Let's play.

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Dimensions 120 × 150 mm


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