Earth Called: Tales of a New World

Cast, P. C.


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Mari, Nik, their newly formed Pack and the Wind Riders are in danger as Thaddeus and the God of Death
march ever closer in their quest to destroy and conquer everything and anyone who stands in their path.

The Pack and the Wind Riders must find a way to stop the God of Death before all is lost.

There is one hope: Ralina, Death’s Storyteller. The woman meant to be by his side, recording all his feats
of greatness. Instead Ralina’s heeds the call of the Goddess of Life, the only one who can defeat Death
and escapes to warn the Pack and the Wind Riders.

In the this last installment of the Tales of a New World series, love and goodness are put to the ultimate
test as gods, humans, and animals come together to save everything they hold dear.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 480
Imprint: St Martins US
Publication date: 01/05/2023
Series: Tales of a New World

ISBN: 9781250290076 Category: