Driftwood Shacks: Anonymous Architecture Along the California Coast


Driftwood Shacks: Anonymous Architecture Along the California Coast

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Lloyd Kahn has been hiking and camping on Northern California beaches for the last dozen or so years and, given his background in publishing books on building, it's only natural that he would notice the unique and whimsical beach shacks constructed by anonymous builders.

Here are some 60 structures, shaped by materials lying on the beach, and ephemeral in the sense that they are built without nails, and don't last long - victims of wind, waves, and high tides. (All of the ones depicted are now gone.) There are also photos of beach sculptures, seaweed, seashells, birds, sea lions, whalebones, waves, surfers, fishermen, and sunsets, as well as photos from a 3-day backpacking trip along the remote \"Lost Coast.\"

A book for beachcombers and beach lovers everywhere, all of whom share a deep love for the ocean and its surroundings.

Author: Khan, Lloyd
Publication date: 12/04/2019
Pages: 160

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