Dark King (v1 Deviant Kings)

Maxwell, Gina L.


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1 in stock

Author: Maxwell, Gina L.
Publication date: 27/09/2022
Imprint: Entangled Publishing
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781649373274
Series: Deviant Kings

When Bryn Meara received a promotional offer for an all-expenses paid trip to the famous Nightfall Hotel and Casino in Vegas the same day she lost her job, she took it as a sign from the universe. She expected to soak in the sun, get some R&R, and maybe try her luck at the tables. What she didn’t expect was to get hit on by Nightfall’s sexy owner and media-dubbed ‘King of Vegas’, Caiden Verran. Not one to look a real-life Prince Charming in the mouth, they hit the hotel nightclub where she enjoyed a few dirty martinis. and a lot of dirty dancing. Meeting and connecting with a handsome, surprisingly down-to-earth billionaire was a huge surprise. But not as big of a surprise as waking up next to Caiden with their clothes littering the floor and matching wedding bands on their fingers. And if that wasn’t enough, overnight her prince charming has turned into a domineering billionaire that won’t let her leave. Now, for better or worse they’re stuck together until they can get their marriage annulled.

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