Children’s Secret


Children’s Secret

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Nothing ever happens in a sleepy American town like Middlebrook. Until the shocking events of one hot Saturday afternoon when, at a back-to-school party, nine children sneak off to a barn. And one child is shot by another. In the media storm that sweeps the nation . . . The press are asking questions. About the type of parents who let their children play unsupervised in a house with guns. About how damaged a child must be to commit this kind of atrocity. In the ensuing police investigation . . . Two questions are the most urgent, and the most baffling. Of the nine children who were present in that barn, which one actually pulled the trigger? And why are the others staying silent? Incredibly gripping and gorgeously written, this is a spellbinding novel that asks how far we'll go to protect our children, and how we can come together when so much divides us.

Author: Monroe, Nina
Publication date: 15/07/2021
Imprint: Sphere
Pages: 400

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