Case Study of Vanitas v5

Mochizuki, Jun


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1 in stock

Author: Mochizuki, Jun
Publication date: 22/01/2019
Imprint: Yen Press US
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Mochizuki, Jun
ISBN: 9781975383688

Long ago, France was terrorized by The Beast of Gevaudan, who indiscriminately murdered hundreds. Before the creature could be stopped, the Beast vanished into thin
air. Now, on the streets of nineteenth century Paris, news breaks of the Beast’s gruesome return. As Noe and Vanitas rush to learn more about the Beast and its connection to vampirekind, none other than the Holy Knight, Astolfo, and
Jeanne, the Hellfire Witch, stand in their way…

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