Big Book of Less: Finding Joy in Living Lighter (A Flow Book)

Smit, Irene/ Hulst, Astrid van der


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1 in stock

Author: Smit, Irene/ Hulst, Astrid van der
Publication date: 27/11/2018
Imprint: Workman US
Pages: 224
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781523506286

Celebrate the joys of living with less. Less stuff. Less stress. Less overthinking. Less judgment. Less excess.

Combining the hands-on activity and beautiful production value that made A Book That Takes Its Time a bestseller, with 204,000 copies in print, The Big Book of Less presents a message that will be equally embraced: how paring down allows us to live not just lighter, but better. And it’s a book that approaches \”less\” in a fresh, new way, addressing mental and spiritual decluttering as well, with tips on \”cleaning out\” the extra stuff in our heads to create more room for what we actually enjoy.

Read about how doing less – less work, less internet browsing – allows us to reclaim time for relaxation and meditation. How talking less leaves more time for listening. Sprinkled throughout are Flow’s signature paper goodies that mix the fun of learning with the fun of putting ideas into action: a just-one-thought-a-day diary helps nurture a daily habit of worrying less; tear-out Expressionist art posters inspire less scheduling; a tiny, foldable paper house underscores the appeal of living minimally; and more.

A perfect gift for anyone who would breathe easier from scaling back and relish the freedom of letting go.

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