Better Brain For Life: Preventing Dementia and Other Chronic Diseases

Angela, Caughey


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The brain is the powerhouse of the body. In A Better Brain for Life, Angela Caughey draws on the latest research to show what can be done to foster a healthy brain, ward off many common chronic diseases, and prevent, or at least slow down, the brain’s decline.

By practising healthy ways of living from early childhood onwards, we can significantly reduce the risk of dementia and chronic disease in our later life. Much can be achieved by optimising the key modifiable lifestyle factors of:

diet and exercise
mental stimulation
social connections
stress reduction and sleep.

This book advocates for us all to be responsible for our own health and asks you to examine the way you live from day to day. It has a clear message: we all can, and should, take practical steps to nurture our brain health and enjoy the long-term benefits for our wellbeing.

Format: Paperback
Imprint: Calico Publishing
Publication date: 07/03/2022

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