Battling the Giant – My 40 Year Experience of New Zealand’s Accident Compensation

Donald, Hugh D.


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4 in stock

A move to Invercargill in March 1978 to take up a position at New Zealand Aluminium Smelter was to result in a 40 year battle with New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation.
Married in January 1971, this has been a significant journey during Hugh’s and Lorraine’s 52 years together, and one that their 4 children have travelled with them,

While never keen to truly express his feelings along the way, Hugh has decided to open up every emotion and experience, knowing much of it illustrates that of many others who have had to deal with ACC.

It is hoped that those responsible for the way ACC operates will make law and operational changes, rather than produce reports, that will result in fair outcomes and humane treatment of claimants.

Format: Paperback
Imprint: Small New Zealand Publisher