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CLASSIC GAME, PORTABLE FUN: Enjoy the beloved Azul tile-placement game in a compact, travel-friendly edition. Azul Mini is portable and quick to set up – perfect for playing in cars, trains, planes, next to the pool, or while waiting in line!
TILE-PLACEMENT STRATEGY: Compete for high scores by claiming and arranging tiles strategically on your board. Earn bonus points by collecting sets of the same color tiles or creating stunning patterns.
OUTWIT YOUR RIVALS: Every tile you claim affects your opponents’ choices; make smart decisions to gain an edge.
CRAFT MINI MOSAICS: Become an artisan wherever you go, drafting tiles from a central market and disrupting opponents’ plans on the fly. Colorful mini-tiles feature the same great tactile feel of classic Azul components, just smaller!
CONVENIENT FOR TRAVEL: Player boards feature a built-in score tracker with slider clip to easily track scores. Indented plastic trays ensure the tiles stay put as the game is played. No shifting or dropping tiles!

Format: Board Game
Pages: 464
Imprint: Various Boardgame Publishers
Publication date: 01/04/2023
Series: Azul

ISBN: 826956601401 Category: