Atlas of Dream Lands

Lanni, Dominique


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A keepsake collection of maps depicting legendary and real places for the lover of literature, history, and cartography. This exploration of the \”Mythical Elsewhere\” explores a wide array of places, from the well known to the obscure, through the eyes of historians, explorers, conquerors, and writers across the ages. Lose yourself in the past as you travel to such destinations as Troy, the Mughal Empire, the Congo, the river Nile, El Dorado, and many more across the globe: Europe: Candia, Kythira, Ogygia, Troy Asia: Cathay, Cipangu, Colchis, the Mughal Empire, Golconda, Kafiristan, the Land of the Cimmerians, Taprobana, Tartary Africa: Barbary Coas, Cape Bojador, Congo, Meroe, Mutapa, the Land of the Mangbetu, Prester John’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of Saba’, the Source of the River Nile, the Lands of Good Hope The Americas: Araucania, Cibola, El Dorado, the Land of the Amazons, Tierra del Fuego Southern Lands: New Cythera, Terra Australis the Edge of the World: the Isles of the Blessed, the Garden of the Hesperides, Lemuria, Thule Accompanied by this unique atlas and the great explorers of antiquity and Renaissance as well as poets, scholars, and novelists of all eras, readers will embark on a poetic exploration of the world. Let such greats as Herodotus, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Heinrich Schliemann be your guide on this journey to dreamlike places that are sometimes imagined and imaginary but, to those who believe, always \”perfectly real.\”\” It’s a trip you will never forget. AUTHOR: Ethnologist and anthropologist Dominique Lanni holds a PhD in French language and literature from the Sorbonne in Paris. He is a lecturer at the University of Malta, specialising in the representations of otherness in the classical era. Karin Doering-Froger is an illustrator who puts her passion for art into practice by fostering talented young artists. SELLING POINTS: . A book for lovers of maps, literature, imaginary places, and real places that have become legendary over time . Features detailed maps of each place, accompanied by researched texts describing its place in history or literature 53 illustrated maps

Format: Hardback
Pages: 144
Publication date: 28/03/2023

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