At the Table of La Fortezza: The Enchantment of Tuscan Cooking From the Lunigiana Region

Joseph, Annette


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Author: Joseph, Annette
Publication date: 13/09/2022
Imprint: Rizzoli International Publications
Pages: 208
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780847869480

Annette Joseph shares recipes from the charming Lunigiana region of Tuscany that were developed at her medieval fortress, La Fortezza. This is the first book on the cuisine of this important slow-food area.

Lunigiana is a rugged, mountainous region of Tuscany, flanked by the Liguria coastline and Emilia-Romagna, whose cuisine has been shaped by its distinctive landscape and location. Author and stylist Annette Joseph purchased and renovated a stunning medieval fortress, aptly named La Fortezza (‘The Fortress’), in this little-known area. Enamoured by Lunigiana’s rich food heritage and traditions, Joseph sought out authentic and traditional dishes from the best chefs, home cooks, and slow-food purveyors in the region. This book showcases these rustic recipes, some of which have been enjoyed for centuries.

Lunigiana’s cuisine brings together the flavours of both the coast and the mountains and draws inspiration from the neighbouring regions. It is home to unique ingredients, such as chestnut flour, and its specialties are often still prepared the ancient way. Lunigiana is also recognised by UNESCO as a sustainable region, and Joseph’s recipes highlight slow-food practices, such as sourcing seasonal ingredients from local producers.

Breathtaking photographs by David Loftus highlight the beauty of Lunigiana’s cuisine and countryside, as well as La Fortezza’s dreamy vineyard, orchards, and kitchen garden. This book is an incredible culinary and visual journey into an undiscovered region in Italy and a must-have for anyone who loves Italian food and culture.

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