At The Foot Of The Cherry Tree

Parker, Alli


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A stirring story of love and hope, based on the incredible true story of Australia’s first Japanese war bride and a love that changed a nation forever.

Gordon Parker is just an eager eighteen-year-old Australian boy desperate to fight for his country, and Nobuko ‘Cherry’ Sakuramoto is a sixteen-year-old girl struggling to survive in Japan in the aftermath of World War II. But when they fall in love, they change the course of history.

When Gordon arrives in Japan, he expects ruthless samurai, angry Japanese men ready to kill Australians at every corner. Instead, he finds Cherry, terrified of ex-enemy soldiers, a 16-year-old survivor of the atomic bomb. Against all the rules and against all odds, they fall in love. But when Gordon discovers the White Australia Policy prevents Cherry coming home with him as his war bride, Gordon does what any 20-year-old soldier would do. He vows to fight. Leaving Cherry alone and pregnant in post-war Japan, Gordon somehow has to convince his family to accept his marriage and wage a desperate campaign against a xenophobic and war-scarred government to allow his wife and his family to come home.

A story spanning seven years and two countries reeling from the aftermath of war, At the Foot of the Cherry Tree is a sweeping and moving novel about faith, trust, and the power of a love that alters history – written by Gordon and Cherry’s granddaughter, accomplished scriptwriter, Alli Parker.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Imprint: HarperCollins AU
Publication date: 02/08/2023

Staff review

At The Foot of The Cherry Tree

by Alli Parker

Review by Isabelle

This is a heartwarming yet realistic novel about devotion, war, and the lengths people go to for love. Based on the true story of Australian soldier Gordon and ‘Cherry’ – a girl struggling to survive in post WWII Japan. Cherry and Gordon fight to overturn the White Australia policy, which prevented Cherry from going to Australia with her husband.

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