Art of Kumiko: Learn to Make Beautiful Panels by Hand


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The Art of Kumiko is a step-by-step guide to creating a classic Japanese craft in the modern workshop with only minimal tools. Kumiko is a delicate and sophisticated art created by assembling small wooden pieces into beautiful patterns, and Matt Kenney's latest book offers step-by-step instructions for 10 patterns, with a level of detail that cannot be found in print elsewhere. Also included are cutting diagrams for several original decorative wall panels that make use of the patterns taught in the book. In The Art of Kumiko you'll learn Kenney's methods for making Kumiko, which combine the accuracy and efficiency of modern woodworking equipment with the precision of hand tools to create beautiful pieces. You'll also learn how to incorporate Kumiko in both furniture designs and as stand-alone framed panels that pay homage to this centuries-old craft. AUTHOR: Matt Kenney grew up making things like tree forts and skate ramps from wood. Now he's a furniture maker whose passion for the craft drives him to share his knowledge and experience with other woodworkers. He's written dozens of magazine articles, been featured in instructional videos, and is the author of 52 Boxes in 52 Weeks, which chronicles his effort to design and make 52 boxes during the course of a year. Kenney also teaches woodworking at schools around the United States and overseas. He's co-host of a bi-weekly podcast, The Matt and Joe Woodworking Fun Hour, that documents co-host Joe Faraoni's journey as Matt teaches him woodworking. A former editor at Fine Woodworking, Kenney is at the forefront of a revival in interest in Kumiko. When he's not woodworking, you'll likely find Matt drawing robots. Check out what he's up to in the shop and at the drawing table by following his Instagram accounts @mekwoodworks and @thebookofrobots. Matt lives and works in Watertown, CT. SELLING POINTS: The author of 52 Boxes in 52 Weeks and former editor of Fine Woodworking Magazine has lead the way in a revival of the ancient craft of Kumiko. Creating Kumiko requires only minimal tools and materials, which makes it an appealing options for beginners. Woodworking continues to attract a new, younger audience via YouTube, the maker movement, and backlash to technology overload. Demystifies what appears to be a complex craft wtih easy to follow instruction and very detailed photography of the entire process.

Author: Kenney, Matt
Publication date: 16/07/2020
Imprint: Blue Hills Press
Pages: 168

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