Arnhem 1944: Battle Story

Brown, Chris


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Author: Brown, Chris
Publication date: 11/08/2022
Imprint: History Press UK
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781803990248

An short and accessible history of one of the Second World War’s most decisive battles. When we think of Arnhem we think of a Bridge too Far and a sky full of parachutes dropping the Allies into the Netherlands. Beyond these images, this was one of the most complex and strategically important operations of the war. Operation Market Garden was devised to give the Allies the opportunity to bypass the German Siegfried Line and attack the Ruhr. The British expected to sweep through and connect with the Arnhem force within a matter of days. However, things on the ground proved very different. The troops met resistance from pockets of SS soldiers and soon were overwhelmed. The Arnhem contingent was cut-off from reinforcement and eventually forced to withdraw. The 1st Airborne Division lost three-quarters of its strength in the operation and did not see battle again. Through quotes and maps the text explores the unfolding action of the battle and puts the reader on the frontline. If you truly want to understand what happened and why read Battle Story. 52 b/w illustrations

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