Amazing Origami Dinosaurs: Paper Dinosaurs Are Fun to Fold! (10 Dinosaur Models + 32 Tear-Out Sheets + 5 Bonus Projects)


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Author: Shufunotomo Co. Ltd.
Publication date: 15/02/2022
Imprint: Tuttle Publishing
Pages: 112
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9784805316672

Age range 12+

Amazing Origami Dinosaurs contains everything you need to fold 10 amazing origami dinosaur models twice! The colourful folding papers, clear instructions and realistic illustrations in this book bring these awesome creatures to life!

This book includes 32 highly realistic tear-out folding papers along with information on your favorite dinosaurs, including:

Tyrannosaurus Rex - A true monster in all its fearsome glory
Velociraptor - Clever and fast, these hunters could run up to roughly 40 mph
Brontosaurus - The \"thunder lizard\" reached up to 72 feet in length, despite being a strict vegan
Triceratops - Known for its intimidating horns and bony frill
Pteranodon - A genus containing the largest flying reptiles, some boasting a wingspan of over 23 feet
Spinosaurus - The largest of all carnivores, topping even Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a large, spiny sail
Stegosaurus - A heavy herbivore with distinctive bony plates rising from its back and a nasty spiked club tail
And more!

This book is recommended for those who have some experience with origami folding. Children under 14 will need the help of an adult to complete these intermediate level projects.

Land-dwellers, sea creatures and flyers-there are models here for every dinosaur lover to enjoy!

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