101 Hilarious Pranks and Practical Jokes

Julian, Theresa


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1 in stock

Author: Julian, Theresa
Publication date: 28/09/2021
Imprint: Odd Dot
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Lewis, Pat
ISBN: 9781250768445

Welcome to The School of Hijinks, Malarkey & Outlandish Pranks (SHMOP), where middle graders learn the fine art of pranking and practical joking.

Inside, you’ll become a pro at pretending your finger broke off, filling your friend’s doughnut with sour cream, putting bubble wrap under the toilet seat, and more! Each chapter in this ultimate book for young pranksters includes hilarious tricks to master and essential skills for creating your own family-friendly pranks and physical comedy stunts, such as:

goofy faces
silly voices
painless pratfalls
side-splitting props
gross outs and more!

By the end of this book, readers will have a set of tools in their prank belt to pull hundreds of practical jokes on their friends and family. Includes 101 pranks plus zillions that you can create on your own!

ISBN: 9781250768445